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About Us

Asahi Glass Company (AGC)is the world's largest float glass manufacturer.
It was founded in Japan in 1907 and is currently one of the world's leading companies influencing the industry as a whole.

AGC Glass Europeis a European division of Asahi Glass Co, Ltd
The headquarters of the company is located in Brussels (Belgium). AGC Glass Europe currently has 17 factories in Europe and employs 13,500 employees.

Asahi Glass Company (AGC)

Our mission

AGCis an everyday integral part of our world
The unique materials and solutions offered by AGC make the lives of people around the world better every day.

This mission expresses the value that the AGC Group offers to the world and explains the reason for its existence. Thus, we will remain the priority supplier for our customers, developing long-term relationships of trust. This relationship, in turn, is based on our unique materials and solutions, backed by our wide range of products and technologies. We will continue to move in this direction to meet the needs of our customers and the public alike, while helping to improve everyday life.

Your Dreams, Our Challenge

It reflects AGC's willingness to contribute to the development of society and to promote richer and more fulfilling lives for people in more comfortable conditions. This is our message to all interested parties about the AGC Group. To people outside the company, it explains the values that AGC seeks to realize, and for the employees of the Group, it sets the direction for the implementation of our Mission.
More information can be found at www.agc-glass.eu (corporate website).